ISO 18295-1 certification

How to get an ISO 18295-1 certificate

Certification audits by Austrian Standards are only conducted by experienced professionals in the field of call center management. A certification provides you with competitive advantages in both the national and international market:

  • It helps you structure the call center more efficiently
  • It helps you to differentiate from your competitors
  • It gives your customers the security of receiving a high-quality service
  • It easens the application process for open submissions


The ISO 18295-1 certification scheme visualises the path to becoming a certified customer contact centre:

Application - Audit - Certificate - Surveillance Audit - Re-certification audit



You define the scope of application (locations, business areas, and the like)


One or more auditors perform the audit on the premises of the customer contact centre. The audit covers both reviews of processes as well as interviews with the contact centre agents.

Assessment and issue of the certificate

After the audit, the auditor sends the report to the certification body which ascertains compliance with ISO 18295-1. If this conformity assessment is successful, the ISO 18295-1 certificate is issued by Austrian Standards with a validity of six years.


To extend the validity of the ISO 18295-1 certificate, a surveillance audit has to be carried out after 24 and 48 months. 


You can find the whole certification scheme (PDF) here.