ISO 18295

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is a global body composed of national standards organizations. ISO 18295 is a service standard that helps to manage expectations for both employers and employees, enable performance management and support satisfaction for employers and customers. 

ISO 18295 determines clear requirements for internal contact centres and outsources contact centres (operated through third parties) and consists of two parts:


ISO 18295-1 determines the requirements for customer contact centres, which are operated internally or outsourced. It can be applied to customer contact centres of every size, sector and interaction channel, including Inbound and Outbound. 

ISO 18295-2 determines the requirements for the employer who commissions the customer contact centre.

Which benefits can you derive from the standard?

By applying ISO 18295-1, you can improve customer care as well as raise your success in business.

The standard contributes to:

  • making the structures of the call centre more efficient,
  • minimizing the risk of complaints, and
  • differentiating yourself from competitors.

Have a look at the standard

In the Webshop of Austrian Standards, you can have a look at the table of contents and the first few pages of the current version of ISO 18295.